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ShowBox app is used to stream videos, films, TV Shows and serials with free of cost, and it allows you to download all types of watching latest Showbox movies in a precisely selected quality.

In the newly updated app, it’s showing various errors. If you get video or server problem, then see this tutorial to fix Showbox video not available or the Showbox not working error. If you can’t apply those fixes correctly, then try another alternative app named Playbox HD application, by the time this app gets the update.

It has immense popularity in the media market, due to these reasons it has grown up in a small span of time. It supports all platforms, and you can use Showbox for PC or on any other OS. Not only that, If you own an iOS gadget then get ShowBox for iPhone.

  1. Showbox Apk Download

There is another app; you can get Movie Box app for Android, or Apple users can make MovieBox for iOS gadgets. A few years ago people were unable to watch films or videos correctly, and now we have Show box application here to get most entertaining TV Shows and movies on your android smartphone for free of bucks.

  • Today, I Will show you how to download and install Show Box on your Android phone without any trouble.

Guys, Show box, is not only permitted to Smartphones. People who are not using android phones also can get this app; Show box is available to all type of platforms, and much more other technical devices which are present in current market smartphones are compatible to install Showbox for Android.

We utilize Showbox apk latest file to make the successful installation of this app. In the present era, people are more interactive towards technology and technical devices irrespective of profession and age. Using Smartphone, you can complete your routine tasks without manual involvement; you can reduce your work and get relief from stress.

ShowBox App Download

Your day starts with an Android phone by ringing alarm in the morning. After waking up, you would check all your chatting apps. As like beginning of the day, your day will end with all fun and chat apps. Throughout the day, you should use Android phone irrespective of the work.

As per my consideration, once you use App Show box on the Android phone, then you would be addictive to watch TV Shows, films, and serials with this app. You will start a new world as like you using your smartphone without any penny. Travel along with my precise words to make Show Box apk download on Android; here we are listed out instructions to install this fantastic app on a smartphone.

showbox app

The complete tutorial will get you understand the things correctly. A detailed tutorial would be applicable for all Android smartphone users; you just need to follow given steps to get this app installed on Android. Showbox is all there for you to get movies and videos which you would like to see and in this excellent app, you can watch TV Shows and serials which you would follow daily.

Showbox is all there for you to get movies and videos which you would like to see and in this excellent app, you can watch TV Shows and serials which you would follow daily. Actually, the Showbox for Android has first appeared on Gooder Video.

ShowBox For Android in 2017

Now you’re at the main theme of this article to install apk of Show box on Android for that; you have to follow below given a correct procedure to download and also install Showbox app on android mobile. Before entering into the installation process, you need to read a note about Show Box. It has removed from Google Play Store, and you are unable to get this app from its official web page.

Update: Showbox video unavailable issue has been solved!! You can now use the updated app now and enjoy all your favorite stuff.

However, we could make the installation of Showbox in a unique manner. We will let you know regarding that soon. Previously said, there is a path to install any desired app on Android platform, i.e., by its apk. To establish this type of apps, you should follow given technique, and you are allowed to apply this procedure to many more apps like this. You have to download apk file of Showbox and go through beneath provided a link to get Show box (apk).

After tapping on the above-referred download button, you will go to the page of download and wait few seconds to wind up downloading. If you’re new to install this type of apps, then follow my below guidance to install this app.

Install ShowBox For Android

  1. Download ShowBox App file on Android.
  2. On your phone go to, Settings > Security > Enable Unknown Sources
  3. Double Click the downloaded file.
  4. Click on Allow & Accept. Wait for few seconds.
  5. Show Box App will be there in your menu Now.

Each and every thing is well settled in Showbox application to see films and TV Shows and serials for free within your phone. You can fetch Showbox for iPad. This app has very straightforward and friendly user interface.

Due to its simple user interface and easy navigation, anyone can use ShowBox on their phone easily. Show Box doesn’t need any login information or any other username and password to use. Everyone can use this app without providing any information to ShowBox and watch all the stuff for free.

ShowBox movies app won’t ask you anything, all it requires is a speedy and proper Internet connection and real working device. Along with these, you have to have good skills to blast this app on your Android device.

It allows you guys to prepare your favorite lists containing movies and videos, TV Shows. You can see your favorite videos and movies whenever and wherever you want to see; you can download your wish list quickly from this films app. People are getting bored with all android apps which are provided in Google Play store, to get rid of that pain, developers are providing the new pattern as well as an interface for changing the mindset of users with ShowBox to entertain themselves.

Showbox APP Features

  • Friendly user interfaces anyone can use ShowBox app quickly
  • Show Box doesn’t need any registration or login details to use it
  • This excellent app doesn’t any special skills to operate
  • Show Box app has good visuals and fantastic design
  • This app consists of number of movies and TV Shows, Serials to watch
  • You can prefer order of movies videos according to your taste
  • Download your favorite videos and films, TV Shows and Serials
  • You can choose video quality compatible to your device as well as the WiFi you’re using
  • You can download and share those videos and films with your friends on ShowBox

In this modern era, some people are always want to try something different by using an android phone with the help of Android applications. By considering these reasons, developers of Android apps are always working to improve the quality of their apps and making competitive to other developers.

That brings us to the finishing of this minute session. I believe that you folks have made it super easy to download Show Box on Android. If you have faced any troubles during this phenomena, please report them in the comments and also your precious suggestions. Don’t feel shy to share this article on Social media like Twitter, Google+ with your friends.

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  • Farha Lagoyo

    Dec 31, 2016, 6:48 am

    I’m very upset that the option to choose variety of subtitles in the subtitle bat is now gone with the new update, I mean I love the new update because there’s no annoying ads popping out everytime but the options to choose subtitles when I choose English then another options will pop up and I can select any subtitle from the english subtitles, because when it’s automatic like this new update, it’s not synchronize everytime. I need subtitles for my movies because well english is not my native language, I need at least a guide for me to watch the movie and understand it. Please fix this and bring back the options

  • Malice

    Dec 26, 2016, 5:23 am

    Do you know when you will have the movie the boy? It’s about a little boy doll?

  • Chuck

    Dec 8, 2016, 11:09 pm

    Do You Have To Have A SD CARD In Order For Showbox To Be Downloaded?

  • Ron

    Nov 13, 2016, 1:55 am

    Hey guys I love this app but any way you guys can add dragon ball super on to your show list thank you

  • Elexis

    Oct 18, 2016, 10:55 pm

    Hi I would like to request a movie. Could please add When The Bough Break.

  • Nick

    Oct 14, 2016, 5:10 pm

    I’m getting the message of no available free space on SD, its a brand new card and I’m usingba kindle fire HD, any ideas on how to solve this? Thanks

  • Terina

    Oct 12, 2016, 2:24 am

    Please help ….i had showbox but it was acting up so i Uninstalled it. I have tried to reinstall it several times and it keep saying unable to scan 1745 . Each time the number is different. Can you please help me thanks in advance.

    • admin

      Oct 12, 2016, 5:59 am

      Hi, Terina. That may have bothered you. Is “Lookout” app installed on your device? If so, you can try steps below to solve your issue.

      1) Uninstall the “Lookout Security & Antivirus” App on your device temporarily.
      2) Settings >> Phone (or Applications) >> Applications Manager > Find “Lookout” app in the list and “Uninstall” it.
      3) Now, try to install your apk file of Showbox.
      4) After installing that, you can reinstall the Lookout application.

      If the above steps didn’t work for you, then check if you’ve enabled the “Unknown Sources” option or not.

      Hope this will help you. Do let me know which one worked for you. Cheers!

  • Rodger

    Aug 30, 2016, 7:09 pm

    Please help. I have Showbox installed on my android box, and it will play TV series but won’t play the movie as my android box says no available space on SD. There is a NAND flash memory of 8gb which is basically empty (loads of space and internal of 1gb (half full)what is my problem.i also has a 16gb memory stick plugged in.

    • admin

      Aug 31, 2016, 6:03 am

      Hi, Rodger. That could be frustrating. Can you tell me which version of the app you’re using?

    • Rob

      Sep 1, 2016, 3:42 pm

      I have the same problem but when I select a movie it just says showbox has stopped working and kicks me out. I am running version 4.72.

    • Bla

      Oct 3, 2016, 10:40 pm

      Just change the server.

    • badtzmaru

      Nov 21, 2016, 4:28 am

      Thank you!

  • Ernesto

    Aug 25, 2016, 5:32 am

    I can’t find the right download for ios

  • Lori

    Aug 23, 2016, 4:39 am

    When is Ninja Turtles 2 going to be added? Been waiting & waiting. There has been a lot of movies added that came out way after NT. Please download soon

  • Abood

    Aug 21, 2016, 6:39 pm

    Thank you so much

  • Michael Hoffman

    Aug 21, 2016, 12:18 am

    The best movie website out there!


    Aug 11, 2016, 4:58 am

    Can we get Toonami’s one punch man dubbed in English please

  • Matt Meganck

    Aug 8, 2016, 8:49 pm

    Please set the programming to have setting in app to be able to work with WiFi ONLY!

    Currently, on my cell phone I had to disable 4G access to Showbox due to over 8GB of background data usage even with downloads paused.

    Showbox will not work on my phone with 4G turned off. It will not load the ads properly, play downloaded files, download new shows or movies.

    Showbox (same version) on my tablet works fine. I have Mobile network disabled on tablet but enabled in app controls, vs. disabled in app controls and 4G enabled.