Samsung Gear VR Headset: Ideal for Movies & Games

Samsung Gear VR headset is the latest model that is built in partnership with Oculus. In terms of looks, it is very similar to its preceding model. You can play games and watch the films on this. It is now, black in colour in contrast to white and is primarily made up of plastic which gives it an enigmatic look. There are other small additions to the model as well.

Samsung Gear VR Headset

The head strap is designed to be more comfortable if you are using it for longer periods and the foam surrounding your face is more rigid now. Movies can be watched on this device. Just open Showbox app on Android and connect it to the headset. The headset also has an external port which enables you to attach more accessories like Gear 360 cameras or game controllers directly.

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Samsung Gear VR Headset Details


The Samsung Gear VR headset is compatible with all the other VR compatible phones by switching out the connector given at the bottom. For Galaxy Note 7, however, is USB enabled so you will need to unclip it for this great experience.

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The design of Samsung Gear VR lies between Oculus Rift DK 2 and Google Cardboard. The device is as light as it could be which enables it to be positioned firmly with slight adjustments of the strap. So, it is sturdy even when there is an intense head shaking or movement. It has 2,560X1440-pixel, 5.7-inch LED display which gives a high-quality image. The Snapdragon 805 processor makes it a great wire-free experience of VR. The resolution, as well as the latency, is good but it is limited because it was initially not built for virtual reality. However, in less vivid environments, its super deep blacks can be very authentic.

Main Feature

Some of the main features include a 96-degree view of the field making the experience very real and intense. It has an accelerometer and a gyroscope which allows measuring the motion accurately. Other features like geomagnetic sensor, proximity sensor and the navigational touchpad are also amalgamated together to enhance the VR experience of the users. The biggest advantages of the latest Samsung Gear VR is that it has great head tracking, solid content library and it is completely wireless making it flexible enough for you to move around freely with it.

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