Pokemon Go App Release Details and Features

Pokémon GO “A Game that reminds your Childhood”

Release Date: July, 06 2016.

Developers and Publishers: Niantic, The Pokémon Company.

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The world famous Pokémon Company has published a game known asPokémon GO” for all the androids and IOS users. YES! So now get your lovely Pokémon Go for Android phones with the help of genuine Pokemon Go apk file and get into the real world of fighting characters, train the Pokémon, initiate battles and capture them. Anything and Everything that you want is at your service.

Pokémon GO is basically a location based augmented reality game that charges absolutely nothing. Released in the month of July, 2016 makes use of GPS and Compatible camera of your device.

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pokemon go features

As you enter the Game App, you are guided to select an AVATAR of your choice. You have all the access to choose the hair, skin, eyes and a number of outfits for your Avatar. When your Avatar is ready, it is put into the real looking world providing you map which contains various particulars such as; Pokémon Gyms, Pokémon Stops!

To make it more interesting the app is full of Landmarks that are historical and easily identifiable. Once you enter your world, your Pokémon starts travelling around it according to the selected themes. You can even capture your Pokémon in the camera provided by the Game App. You can now watch your favourite shows and movies on Showbox android app using the latest Showbox apk 2016 file to enjoy them.

This game is so much fun that it increases your interest at each point as you go forward. While battling, you need to find your Pokémon; whenever there is a Pokémon nearby, your phone vibrates and gives you a signal. At that very moment all you need to do is take the aim and throw your Pokémon-ball carefully. The battle continues to win Pokémon Gyms and the Pokémon accompanies you in your team, unless you find it! Go ahead, Get your Pokémon and fill up your team.

Within the three days of game release, Pokémon GO has achieved the popularity of a year. The United States has given most downloads of all times for this game. Pokémon GO is credited with fact that it is capable of improving mental and physical health of those who suffer from anxiety and depression. It seems like teenagers can use this critic to influence their parents for playing the game.

Happy Playing!

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